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Eastern Washington butterflies

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Lorquin's admiral butterfly pictures
Lorquin's admiral butterfly

Mourning cloak butterfly picture
Mourning cloak butterfly

Milbert's tortoiseshell butterfly picture
Milbert's tortoiseshell butterfly

California tortoiseshell butterfly picture
California tortoiseshell butterfly

Satyr anglewing pictures
Satyr anglewing

Two-tailed swallowtail butterfly picture
Two-Tailed swallowtail butterflies

Western tiger swallowtail butterfly pictures
Western tiger swallowtail

Picture of a pale tiger swallowtail butterfly
Pale swallowtail butterfly

Oregon swallowtail butterfly and caterpillar pictures
Oregon swallowtail butterfly

Anise swallowtail butterfly pictures - Papilio zelicaon
Anise swallowtail butterfly

Western pine elfin butterfly pictures
Western pine elfin

Sheridan's green hairstreak butterfly pictures
Sheridan's green hairstreak butterfly

Pictures of Western brown elfin or Incisalia augustinus
Brown elfin

Thicket hairstreak or Mitoura spinetorum
Thicket hairstreak

Behr's hairstreak butterfly pictures
Behr's hairstreak butterfly

Picture of gray hairstreak butterfly
Gray hairstreak butterfly

Picture of sooty hairstreak butterfly or Satyrium fuliginosum
Sooty hairstreak butterfly

Picture of Boisduval's blue butterfly
Boisduval's blue

Silvery blue butterfly pictures
Silvery blue butterfly

Acmon blue butterfly pictures
Acmon/Lupine blue butterfly

Square spotted blue butterfly
Square spotted blue butterfly

Picture of Melissa's blue butterfly
Melissa's blue

Arrowhead Blue butterfly pictures
Arrowhead blue

Spring azure butterfly pictures
Spring azure butterfly

Greenish blue butterfly - Plebejus saepiolus
Greenish blue butterfly

Western tailed blue or Everes amyntula pictures and information
Western-tailed blue butterfly

Great spangled fritillary butterfly pictures
Great spangled fritillary butterfly

Zerene fritillary butterfly pictures
Zerene fritillary

Coronis fritillary butterfly pictures
Coronis fritillary

Hydaspe fritillary butterfly
Hydaspe fritillary

Callippe Fritillary butterfly
Callippe fritillary

Silver-bordered fritillary butterfly pictures
Silver-bordered fritillary

Northern checkerspot butterfly pictures
Northern checkerspot

Sagebrush checkerspot butterfly picture
Sagebrush checkerspot

Anicia checkerspot butterfly pictures
Anicia checkerspot

Chalcedona checkerspot butterfly picture or Euphydryas chalcedona
Chalcedona checkerspot

Mylitta crescent butterflies or Phyciodes mylitta
Mylitta crescent butterfly

Field Crescent butterfly picture
Field crescent butterfly

Northern crescent butterfly pictures
Northern crescent butterfly

Picture of pale crescent butterflies
Pale crescent butterfly

Mormon metalmark butterfly pictures
Mormon metalmark butterfly

Purplish copper butterfly pictures
Purplish copper butterfly

Mariposa or Reakirt's copper butterfly pictures
Mariposa copper butterfly

Lilac-bordered copper butterfly picture
Lilac-bordered copper butterfly

Blue copper butterfly
Blue copper butterfly

Picture of painted lady butterfly
painted lady butterfly

Picture of brown butterfly - common wood nymph
Common wood nymph butterfly

Dark wood nymph butterfly pictures
Dark wood nymph butterfly

Butler's alpine butterfly, Erebia epipsodea
Butler's alpine

Picture of common or ochre ringlet orange butterfly
Ochre or common ringlet

Clouded sulphur butterfly, Colias philodice
Clouded sulphur butterfly

Orange sulphur butterfly, Colias eurytheme
Orange sulphur butterfly

Sara's orangetip or Anthocharis sara butterfly pictures
Sara's orangetip butterfly

Pictures of Western white butterfly
Western white butterfly

Pine white butterfly pictures and information
Pine white butterfly

Spring white butterfly pictures
Spring white butterfly

Becker's white butterfly pictures
Becker's white butterfly

Desert marble butterfly pictures - Euchloe lotta
Desert marble butterfly

Large marble butterfly pictures
Large marble butterflies

Mountain parnassian butterfly picture or Parnassius smintheus
Mountain parnassian butterfly

Cabbage white butterfly picture
Cabbage white butterfly

Picture of woodland skipper
Woodland skipper

Juba skipper pictures
Juba skipper

Common roadside skipper pictures
Common roadside skipper

Common sootywing butterfly pictures
Common sootywing

Common checkered skipper or Pyrgus communis
Common checkered skipper

Picture of a Propertius duskywing butterfly, also known as the western oak dusky wing
Propertius duskywing or western oak dusky wing

Persius duskywing or Erynnis persius
Persius duskywing

Dreamy duskywing or Erynnis icelus
Dreamy duskywing