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Eastern Washington moths

A small sample of eastern Washington moths:
Picture of Riding's Forester Moth, Alypia ridingsi
Riding's forester moth
Alypia ridingsi at Escure Ranch, May

Ornate tiger moth picture - Grammia ornata
Ornate tiger moth
Grammia ornata, Lake Roosevelt in May

Western sheep moths or elegant day moths mating, Memileuca eglanterina
Western sheep moths (elegant day moths) mating
Hemileuca eglanterina, July

Green and orange Clark's day sphinx moth, proserpinus clarkiae
Clark's day sphinx moth, Proserpinus clarkiae
- June

Snowberry sphinx moth - Sphinx vashti
Snowberry sphinx moth
, May

Wild cherry sphinx moth - Sphinx drupiferarum  width=
Wild cherry sphinx moth
Sphinx drupiferarum, May

White-lined sphinx moth - Hyles lineata
White-lined sphinx moth
Hyles lineata, August

Bluish spring moth picture
Bluish spring moth
Genus Lomographa, May

Divergent owlet or underwing moth - Synedoida divergens
Divergent owlet or underwing moth
Synedoida divergens, nectaring on cryptantha, May

Forage looper Moth - Caenurgina erechtea
Forage looper moth
Caenurgina erechtea, July

Synaxis Moth picture
Synaxis moth, August

Ochre Owlet or underwing moth - Synedoida ochracea
Ochre owlet or underwing moth
Synedoida ochracea, May

Emerald moth - Chlorosea nevadaria
Emerald moth, Chlorosea nevadaria

Dingy Cutworm moth - Feltia jaculifera
Dingy cutworm moth, September
Feltia jaculifera