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Brown Elfin Butterfly

Eastern Washington

Brown Elfin butterfly picture - Incisalia augustinus iroides
Brown Elfin Butterfly or Incisalia augustinus

Brown elfins eat the foliage of various plants including kinnikinnick, huckleberry, bitterbrush, serviceberry, big sagebrush, wild buckwheats, buckthorns and oregon grape among other things-- and thrive in both western and eastern Washington.

Scientists in the U.S. and Canada debate the best taxonomic fit to describe this life form. Based on Washington scientists, Incisalia augustinus is the most logical placement based on their observations, while lepidopterists north of the border consider the added grouping Incisalia iroides better.

Picture of a Brown Elfin butterfly - Incisalia augustinus
Brown Elfin butterfly or Incisalia augustinus
Kettle Range, Washington