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Eastern Washington wildflowers

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Picture of arrowleaf balsamroot
Eastern Washington balsamroots

Desert Buckwheat wildflower picture
Eastern Washington buckwheats

Eastern Washington Desert Phlox pictures
Eastern Washington phloxes

Eastern Washington Lupine Pictures
Eastern Washington lupines

Eastern Washington milk vetch
Eastern Washington vetches

Eastern Washington Violet pictures
Eastern Washington violets

Eastern Washington Penstemon pictures
Eastern Washington penstemons

Eastern Washington desert parsley pictures - lomatium or biscuitroot
Eastern Washington desert parsleys

Eastern Washington daisies
Eastern Washington daisies

Sagebrush false dandelion picture
Sagebrush false dandelion
- April

Purple Sage pictures - spring
Purple sage
- May

Bonneville Shooting Star
Bonneville shooting star
- April

Pictures of white and pink lanceleaf springbeauty wildflowers
Lanceleaf springbeauty
- April

Pictures of white and pink sand springbeauty wildflowers
Sand springbeauty
- April

Picture of Purple-eyed grass
Grass widow
- April

Yellow bells
Yellow bells
- April

Pictures of daggerpod or wallflower phoenicaulis
Wallflower phoenicaulis
- April

Trumpet bluebells wildflower picture
Trumpet bluebells
- April

Big-head Clover pictures
Big-head clover
- April

Common Spring Gold wildflowers
Common spring gold
- April

Ballhead waterleaf flowers
Ballhead waterleaf
- April

Sagebrush buttercup pictures - Ranunculus glaberrimus
Sagebrush buttercup
- March

Sagebrush false dandelion picture
Oneflowered broomrape
- April

Prairie Star wildflower pictures
Prairie star
- May

Camas plant and flower pictures
- May

Death Camas wildflower pictures
Death camas
- May

White-stemmed Frasera plant and flower pictures
White-stemmed frasera
- May

Virginia strawberry flower and plant
Virginia strawberry
- May

Cut-leaf thelopody flower and plant
Cut-leaf thelypody
- May

Yellow modoc hawksbeard wildflower in June
Modoc hawksbeard
- June

Stonecrop flower picture
- June

Picture of Menzie's fiddleneck flower - Amsinckia menziesii
Menzies' fiddleneck - May

Wavy-leaf Thistle or Cirsium undulatum photos
Wavy-leaf thistle
- July

Western mountain balm flowers
Western mountain balm - July

Western Serviceberry flowers
Western serviceberry
- April

Picture of red osier dogwood
Red osier dogwood
- May

Blanket Flower - Gaillardia aristata - view picture
Blanket flower
- May

Common sunflower or Helianthus annuus pictures
Common sunflower
- August

Yellow Wildflower
Oregon sunshine (wooly) sunflower
- May

White forget-me-not flowers
White forget-me-not or cryptantha
- May

Weak-stemmed Cryptantha picture
Weak-stemmed cryptantha - May

Picture of Mock Orange or Syringia flowers
Mock orange or syringia
- June

Wild Nootka Rose Picture
Nootka rose
- May

Black Hawthorn Flower  Pictures
Black hawthorn
- May

Douglas or large flowered brodiaea
Douglas' brodiaea
- May

Picture of flowering hedgehog desert cactus
Flowering hedgehog cactus
- April

Picture of Yellow flowering Brittle Prickly Pear Desert Cactus
Brittle prickly pear cactus
- May

Bitterroot flower pictures
Bitterroot - May

Common Yarrow flower head
Common yarrow
- June

Cusick's Rock Cress pictures
Cusick's rockcress
- April

Holboell's Rockcress pictures
Holboell's rockcress
- May

Columbia Bladderpod pictures
Columbia bladderpod
- May

Western Wallflower or Descurainia pinnata flower pictures
Western wallflower

Tansy mustard or 
Tansy mustard

Picture of rocky mountain iris flower
Rocky Mountain iris
- May

Purple wildflower - narrowleaf skullcap
Narrowleaf skullcap
- May

Scarlet Gilia pictures
Scarlet gilia
- May

Pictures of Upland  Larkspur or Delphinium nuttallianum
Upland larkspur
- May

Red columbine pictures
Red columbine
- June

Harsh Indian paintbrush picture - Castilleja hispida
Harsh Indian paintbrush
- June

Wild Forget-me-not or Stickseed flower pictures
Wild forget-me-not or stickseed
- May

Silverleaf Phacelia Pictures
Silverleaf phacelia
- May

Pictures of Threadleaf Phacelia flowers
Threadleaf phacelia
- May

Clarkia flower pictures
- June

Blazing Star desert wildflower pictures
Blazing star
- June

Yellow fawn lily picture
Yellow fawn lily - May

Sagebrush Mariposa desert Lily desert wildflower pictures
Sagebrush mariposa lily
- June

Columbian or tiger lily - Lilium columbianum
Columbian lily
- June

Pictures of orange globe mallow
Orange globe mallow
- June

Douglas Dustymaiden desert wildflower flower pictures
Douglas' dustymaiden
- June

Thompson's Paintbrush desert wildflower pictures
Thompson's paintbrush
- June

Spreading Dogbane flower pictures
Spreading dogbane
- May

Showy Milkweed flower picture
Showy milkweed
- June

Seep Monkeyflower picture
Seep monkeyflower - June

Fireweed picture
Fireweed - June

Columbian Puccoon / Lemonweed pictures
Columbian puccoon
- May

Large-flowered Collomia pictures
Large-flowered collomia
- May


Western white clematis in bloom
Western clematis
- May

Goldenrod flower and leaves
Goldenrod - July

Doulas' knotweed
Douglas' knotweed - August