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Eastern Washington desert parsley

Picture of Gorman's biscuitroot, also known as salt and pepper, Gorman's desert parsley, Gorman's lomatium or Lomatium gormanii
Gorman's biscuitroot - April

Picture of Indian biscuitroot, also known as salt and pepper, Piper's desert parsley, Piper's lomatium or Lomatium piperi
Indian biscuitroot - March

Picture of Canby's desert parsley  or Lomatium canbyi
Canby's desert parsley
- March

Picture of Gray's biscuitroot with yellow flower and finely divided leaves
Gray's biscuitroot
- April

Picture of Great Basin desert parsley with yellow flowers
Great Basin desert parsley
- May

Picture of fern-leaved desert parsley with purple flowers
Fern-leaved desert parsley - April

Picture of barestem lomatium with yellow ball flowers
Barestem lomatium - April