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Gray rabbitbrush

Eastern Washington

Eastern Washington gray rabbitbrush or Ericameria nauseosa in fall
Gray rabbit brush flowers - Ericameria nauseosa

Rabbitbrush flower picture with painted lady butterfly
Gray rabbit brush flower in fall
with painted lady butterfly

Rabbitbrush and Mt Rainier
Rabbitbrush in winter
from Whiskey Dick Mountain, Quilomene

Gray rabbit brush picture
Gray rabbitbrush - winter

Rabbitbrush flower picture with purplish copper butterfly
Gray rabbit brush flower in fall
with purplish copper butterfly

Picture of rabbitbrush with resin bee
Gray rabbit brush flower in September
with dianthidium resin bee

Picture of gray rabbitbrush with syrphid fly
Gray rabbitbrush with a nectaring syrphid fly

Picture of gray rabbitbrush in November
Gray rabbitbrush - November

Picture of a deer browsing rabbit brush
Deer browsing gray rabbit brush - summer

Gray rabbitbrush bush with a singing meadowlark
Gray rabbit brush with singing meadowlark - May