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Mule deer

Eastern Washington

Mule deer bucks
Mule deer bucks in late summer

Mule deer are the largest deer in Washington, where they inhabit the sagelands, meadows and open ponderosa pine forests east of the Cascade crest. Also known as Rocky Mountain mule deer, great herds can be seen around Lake Roosevelt and elsewhere where they follow migration routes.

Mule deer are distinguished from white tail deer from their larger ears and small white tail with a black tip. Mule deer fur takes a gray cast in winter and turns tan during summertime.

Quizzical deer sniffing an animal cam

Mule deer buck and doe at Lake Roosevelt
Summer mule deer at Lake Roosevelt

Eastern Washington mule deer herd
Mule deer herd in early spring

Mule deer doe
Mule deer doe, summer

Running mule deer buck
Mule deer buck

Deer Fawns
Mule deer fawns

Deer print in sand
Deer print
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Deer pellets
Deer scat