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Western meadowlark pictures

Eastern Washington

Western meadowlark picture
Western meadowlark

Western meadowlark is a songbird with a bright yellow breast, and among the most cheerful song to be heard in Eastern Washington. Meadowlarks reside year-round in Eastern Washington but also migrate from the sound in larger numbers during springtime, to breed in the area's open grasslands. In 1951, state legislators called on school children to choose the Washington state bird by voting between the goldfinch and the meadowlark-- goldfinch won, partly because it's more widespread across the state and partly because the meadowlark was already picked as the official state bird for Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon and Wyoming.

Western meadowlark was given the scientific name Sturnella neglecta because it had been overlooked as a separate species and grouped with Eastern meadowlark due to their similarity. Click to hear a recording of a Western meadowlark singing.

Meadowlark picture
Western meadowlark back and tail

Picture of a Western meadowlark flying
Western meadowlark flying

Picture of Western meadowlark nest and eggs
Western Meadowlark nest and eggs
tucked under rabbitbrush, abandoned

Picture of Western meadowlark singing - Sturnella neglecta
Western meadowlark singing
(click for song)

Picture of a Westen meadowlark perched in sagebrush
Western meadowlark singing in the rabbitbrush

Picture of a Western meadowlark with bright yellow breast
Western meadowlark
with bright yellow breast perched in a ponderosa