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Copyright permissions

Washington State shaded relief and land cover map

Permission to copy the Washington State map in printed paper form is granted for educational use.

Other permissions to copy or republish require written agreement that depends on the planned use and adherance to conditions of use. For example, republishing the Washington State map requires written permission from the map creator and copyright owner and written acceptance of the conditions of use by the publisher.

When the Washington State map or a derivative map is published on a web page without attribution or links to the original map, this indicates a copyright violation because (among other things) conditions for online use require the publisher to:

  • Provide attribution for use of the Washington State map in a location immediately above or below the map image display, so viewers do not assume it's free to take from your site and re-publish. Acceptable attribution is "Washington State map published by permission of www.bentler.us" or "Washington State map courtesy of www.bentler.us" is acceptable attribution.
  • Add a link to the original Washington State map from the above attribution note and from the map image, to offer a clear path for people who may want to use the map to understand its copyright limitations, and to incrementally improve access for people searching for such a map. The map image and the words "Washington State map" in its attribution shall link to the web page

Other conditions include (possibly among other things)

  • Limit display to a specific page at a specific URL.
  • Ask before altering the map. Is it OK?
  • Display a local copy of the Washington State map rather than a link to www.bentler.us.
  • The copyright owner retains the right to rescind permission to republish online for any reason and at any time. This right is retained should the content of the page change such that the page displaying the map is updated with content that is a bad fit, in any way inappropriate or offensive, or if other unforeseen conditions warrant cancellation.

How to request permission

To request permission to use the Washington State map, please contact Fred Bentler, the map creator and copyright owner, to describe what you'd like to do, on which site and which page.