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Bear sighting in eastern Washington

Bear eating chips emerges from Washington State map

Viewers of the Washington State map are rubbing their eyes and looking twice as reports spread that a teddy bear has been sighted in eastern Washington. Not just any bear, but a bear eating chips.

Bear eating chips found in eastern Washington

People may conjure up an image of Smokey, Snuggles or some other bear depending on their life experience, psychological makeup or personality-- "It's like a Rorschach inkblot test," said Fred Bentler, creator and copyright owner of the shaded relief map that brings the bear to life, "you see what you want to see-- some might even see a cougar-- but I clearly see a bear eating chips, not Snuggles, not Smokey."

A lazy bear eating chips seems the perfect fit for sunny eastern Washington: the Odessa region is the veritable potato chip bowl of the U.S.