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Crickets, katydids and grasshoppers

Eastern Washington

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Jeusalem cricket pictures
Jerusalem cricket

Coulee cricket or Anabrus longipes pictures
Coulee cricket, Anabrus longipes

Scudder's fork-tailed bush katydid pictures
Fork-tailed bush katydid

Tree cricket pictures
Tree cricket

Black field cricket pictures
Black field cricket

Camel cricket picture
Camel cricket

Carolina grasshopper or Dissosteira carolina picture
Carolina grasshopper, Dissosteira carolina

Spurcate grasshopper or Dissosteira spurcata picture
Spurcate grasshopper, Dissosteira spurcata

Two-striped grasshopper or Melanoplus bivittatus picture
Two-striped grasshopper, Melanoplus bivittatus

Short-winged toothpick grasshopper or Pseudopomala brachyptera picture
Short-winged toothpick grasshopper, Pseudopomala brachyptera

Slow mountain wingless grasshopper or Bradynotes obesa picture
Slow mountain wingless grasshopper, Bradynotes obesa

Say's grasshopper or Spharagemon equale picture
Say's grasshopper, Spharagemon equale

Red-winged grasshopper or Arphia pseudonietana picture
Red-winged grasshopper, Arphia pseudonietana