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Mourning dove pictures

Eastern Washington

Male Western-tailed blue butterfly picture - Cupido amyntula
Mourning doves on old farm machinery

Mourning doves are common in eastern Washington State during the warm summer months, where they nest and breed, and migrate south for moderate winters in places such as Arizona, California and Mexico. Mourning doves are named for their distinctive call, hooah hoo hoo hoooo, and are known to burst into flight when surprised, flying rapidly away with whistling wings.

Mourning doves are ground foragers that eat seeds including waste grain from crops, native plant seeds and invasive weed seeds alike. Their predators may include falcons, kestrals, hawks,owls, and gopher snakes.

Their species is a member of the family Columbidae.

Picture of a mourning dove perched in a pine tree - Zenaida macroura
Mourning dove or Zenaida macroura
preening in a ponderosa pine tree

Picture of mourning dove with a northern flicker
Mourning dove with a northern flicker

Picture of a mourning dove nest and eggs
Mourning dove nest and eggs

Baby mournng doves - squab in nest
Young mourning doves in nest
under big seed lomatium, a desert parsley