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Bluebunch wheatgrass

Eastern Washington

Picture of bluebunch wheatgrass in the Sun Lakes area above Alkali Lake
Bluebunch wheatgrass in the Sun Lakes area

Picture of bluebunch wheatgrass - Pseudoroegneria spicata or Agropyron spicatum
Bluebunch wheatgrass - Pseudoroegneria spicata

Picture of bluebunch wheatgrass seed heads
Bluebunch wheatgrass seed heads

Bluebunch Wheatgrass in late winter
Bluebunch wheatgrass in late winter

Picture of bluebunch wheatgrass habitat near Vantage, Washington
Bluebunch wheatgrass and sagebrush near Ginkgo State Park

Bluebunch wheatgrass is among the most widespread bunchgrasses growing in the semi-desert Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington. This bunchgrass was unanimously adopted as a new state symbol in 1989, as part of Washington's Centennial celebration: it's our state grass.