Shrub Steppe - Eastern Washington State

Pygmy nuthatch

Eastern Washington

Pygmy nuthatches are relatively common in old growth ponderosa pine forests on the east slope of the Cascade Mountains, the Okanogan extending east around Spokane, and Blue Mountains. This bird feeds on insects and seeds, usually mixing in flocks of other small songbirds. Nuthatches are named for their behavior of wedging seeds in bark and pecking them open, with woodpecker-like hammering. Compare to red-breasted nuthatch and white-breasted nuthatch.

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Picture of a pygmy nuthatch eating a caterpillar
Pygmy nuthatch
eating a caterpillar


Picture of a pygmy nuthatch in a pine tree
Pygmy nuthatch
perched in a ponderosa


Picture ofa pygmy nuthatch extracting seeds from a pine cone
Pygmy nuthatch
extracting seeds from a ponderosa pine cone


Pygmy nuthatch probing around a bitterbrush underneat a ponderosa pine tree
Pygmy nuthatch
probing bitterbrush under a large pine tree

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