Lake Roosevelt, Eastern Washington


Animals and plants of Eastern Washington

This site was created to illustrate the richness of flora and fauna found in remote areas of semi-arid Eastern Washington, and in many places illustrates ecological dependencies. The site is intended to provide a source of new visual information that's otherwise nonexistent or very difficult to find on the Web. The site has been designed and organized using common terms to provide easy access for most people searching its content, to help satisfy immediate curiosity at the point of greatest interest, and to provide a pathway to in-depth information if available: the site refers to other complementary and authoritative sites.

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs, recordings, maps, artwork and other content are original and protected by copyright law. They are not to be used for any purpose without express written permission. To request use of photos or other materials for academic and non-profit purposes, to support local businesses that value and seek to promote their natural surroundings please contact

Artwork in the site's banner designs are from oil paintings provided courtesy of Barb Bentler Ullman, artist and writer.

This site is an personal project, using photos from trips around semi-desert eastern Washington and researched and developed incrementally over years, for the most part in the golden hour after the kids have been put to bed. The site is independent.

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